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We are the leading wedding photographers in Madurai & we make your wedding day as one of the most memorable days in our life by our photography and video services. Wedding photographs and video album are always fun to look back even after 13 years and it would be definitely an emotional and happy moment in life.

To come up with best solutions in the market, we are engaged in providing to our valued customers with Birthday Party Photography. We stay ready to shoot birthday parties with our modern cameras. Our team has the experience that is needed to turn a click of picture a long lasting moment. Our photographers use modern techniques enables cameras for better picture quality and true colors in final output.

Float festival in Madurai is the occasion when God Alagar, also known as Lord Vishnu, married his sister Goddess Meenakshi to Lord Shiva. On this occasion, people of Madurai dress themselves in yellow and red. People also dance and spray color on each other on this auspicious occasion. The float festival in Madurai is celebrated on the full moon night between the months of January and February. On this occasion, the images of Lord Sundaresa and Goddess Meenakshi are taken out of the Meenakshi temple.

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